What Size Solar Generator Do I Need?

As outdoor enthusiasts, we love to get away from it all and explore Australia's stunning landscape; however, there's one common challenge: finding a reliable power source that ensures complete off-grid reliability.

The solution?

A solar generator, but you must know what size you need to run standard camping equipment like your refrigerator and other essential (and non-essential) appliances like coffee machines, induction stovetops, lighting and more.

How to choose the right size solar generator

The size of the solar generator you need depends on how you intend to use it (i.e. how much wattage you need). The more wattage a generator has listed, the more power capacity the battery has.

For example:

  • The super lightweight PS300 Essential Solar Generator Kit has a 300W pure sine wave inverter and 21.5Ah lithium battery capacity, suited to charge small electronics or run a 12v fridge for around 12 hours. It comes with a 100w solar blanket for charging off the grid.
  • Our biggest capacity option, the PS3600 Ultimate Solar Generator Kit has a 3600W pure sine wave inverter and 300Ah lithium battery which can charge devices, run multiple large appliances, or power entire caravans. It comes with a 300w highly efficient solar blanket.

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The more devices you need to power, the larger the power station you'll require, resulting in a larger blanket to charge.

If you have medical equipment like a CPAP, you may want to choose a higher capacity generator to make sure you’re covered for multiple nights when camping or in an emergency situation.

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Product spotlight: Elite Solar Generator Kit - PS2000 and 300W Solar Blanket

Elite Solar Generator Kit - PS2000 and 300W Solar Blanket - iTechworld

Key features and benefits:

  • Extended Power Supply: With a robust 160Ah LiFePO4 battery, inbuilt DCDC charger, MPPT solar controller, and a 240V AC charger to keep you powered up on all your journeys. 

  • High Output:  With a massive 2048Wh output (160Ah) you can run a range of items like a 12V fridge, hot plate, coffee machine, air fryer, kettle, toaster, sandwich press, a CPAP machine... and everything in between. You can even keep your campsite illuminated with the bright inbuilt torch. 
  • Charge Anywhere:  Just plug the 300W Solar Blanket directly to the PS2000 to charge. You can also charge via the 12v port in your vehicle, from solar panels, or from 240v mains power (plugging into the wall at home).
  • Multiple Outputs:  Including two USB-C, four USB-A, two DC 12V/3A and a 12V cig port. Two AC 240V outlets allow you to run multiple appliances simultaneously.  
  • Portable and Lightweight: At just 22kg, the power station component is lightweight enough be moved easily from car, to camp site, to home - and back again anytime you need to hit the road. The 300W Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin is lightweight at 11.5kg and closes to a compact size.

Why choose a solar generator over other kinds? 

Traditional off-grid power solutions often rely on petrol generators, which - while effective - requires petrol and cannot be used in enclosed areas due to hazardous fumes.

The iTechworld portable solar generators are a silent, eco-friendly, and fuel-free alternative to conventional generators. They are the ideal choice for those looking to minimise their footprint while enjoying the great outdoors.  

This makes them excellent companions for:

  • Off-grid adventures (such as camping in tents, RVs, caravans, 4WDs)
  • Emergency backup power
  • Everyday use where clean energy is preferred

Our range of solar generators are designed to provide power anywhere your adventure takes you.  


How solar keeps you powered

  1. The process starts with solar panels converting sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. This electricity is then stored in a built-in battery; typically lithium, known for its efficiency and longevity (more bang for your buck).
  3. The power station converts this stored DC energy into alternating current (AC), making it usable for a wide array of devices and appliances.

The beauty of this solution lies in its simplicity and the seamless transition from sunlight to usable power. 


Storing solar energy with a power station

A power station is essentially a portable device that functions as an entire 12V dual battery system, compressed into a convenient-sized box. 

The iTechworld range offers a wide selection of power stations, from 300W to 3600W, equipped with various ports and outlets such as cig ports, USB, USB-C, AC, and MPPT for solar connectivity.

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Their versatility makes power stations incredibly useful for a range of applications - from charging small devices, to powering larger appliances like fridges. They're even suitable as a complete off-grid home back-up. 

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Environmental benefits of solar generators

Solar generators are incredibly environmentally friendly. Powered entirely by the sun, they produce no fumes or emissions and operate silently, eliminating both air and noise pollution.

This means you can enjoy the peace of nature without disturbing the environment, making solar generators a sustainable choice for eco-conscious adventurers. 


Full freedom and versatility 

One of the greatest advantages of a solar generator is the freedom it provides. As long as the sun is out, you have power - even on cloudy days.

This versatility allows you to use a solar generator outside, inside, and even in your car, making it a reliable power source for a variety of situations. 

Embrace the future of off-grid power with an iTechworld solar generator

The environmental benefits, quiet operation, and versatility make iTechworld's solar power generators a superior choice.

Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, a solar generator ensures you have the power you need without compromising the beauty and serenity of nature.


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