An In-Depth Exploration of the iTECH120X PRO Lithium Battery with XploringOz

In the realm of lithium battery technology, staying informed is paramount. We're pleased to highlight a comprehensive review by XploringOz, a respected authority in the field of exploration and technology reviews.

Within this video, XploringOz meticulously evaluates the iTECH120X PRO lithium battery over a span of 6 months, offering a detailed assessment of its capabilities and performance in real-world scenarios.

Nathan also goes on to discuss the debate around the placement of lithium batteries in the engine bay of 4WD vehicles. This review provides a data-driven perspective, challenging these opinions.

XploringOz's review is unsponsored, ensuring an unbiased and transparent evaluation of the iTECH120X PRO lithium battery's strengths and areas for improvement.


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Lithium batteries have revolutionised the way we power our devices and vehicles. XploringOz, a renowned figure in the exploration and technology review space, has taken the iTECH120X PRO lithium battery for a spin. Over six months, he tested its mettle in the engine bay of his 4WD. Let's dive into his findings.

The Controversy

There's a widespread belief that lithium batteries shouldn't be placed in the engine bay of a 4WD. However, iTechWorld challenges this notion, backing their iTECH120X PRO with a warranty for such applications. But does it truly stand up to the test?

The Testing Ground

XploringOz's approach to testing is comprehensive. The iTECH120X PRO was not just placed in a controlled environment. Instead, it was subjected to real-world conditions as he traveled around the country. From powering a 65-liter fridge, auxiliary lighting, to charging camera gear and running a 1000 watt inverter, the battery was pushed to its limits.

Performance in Diverse Conditions

The battery has seen it all - from the snowy mountain region, steep road inclines, four-wheel drive tracks, to the humid daintree rainforest and the challenging terrains of Cape York. It has operated in temperatures ranging from a chilly one degree to sweltering high 30s.

Technical Insights

Upon testing, the iTECH120X PRO showcased a capacity of 129 amp hours, only a slight decrease from its initial 132 amps when brand new. This indicates minimal degradation over the six months, especially considering the harsh conditions it was exposed to.

XploringOz reviews the iTECH120X PRO 2023

Charging and Performance

XploringOz used a Redarc BCDC 1240D charger with a lithium profile for charging while driving. The battery consistently accepted the charge without any issues, even when subjected to heavy discharges.

The Verdict

While some may argue about the slight degradation in capacity, it's essential to consider the battery's price point and the extreme conditions it was subjected to. The iTECH120X PRO offers excellent value for its price, especially when compared to other brands in the market.

The iTECH120X PRO lithium battery by iTechWorld has proven its worth in one of the most rigorous tests one could imagine. Whether you're a dedicated off-roader or someone looking for a reliable power source for your vehicle, this battery deserves consideration.