Our Best Generators for Tradies in Australia

Whether you're an electrician, carpenter, or plumber, having a steady power supply is crucial for getting the job done right and on time. 

A portable power generator offers an excellent balance of convenience and performance for any tradie looking for a reliable power source that can be easily transported from site to home and off grid. In Australia, conditions on site can be fairly rugged - so you’ll need a power solution that not only performs time after time, but is also built tough as nails.


The Redback 4500w EFI portable inverter generator

Which power generator is best for tradies?

Deciding on the best power generator depends on your trade, worksite, and personal preferences. While each has its own merits, ultimately it will be up to you which will suit your needs best.

In this article we make choosing a generator easy with some quick stats on the different kinds of units available from iTechworld, including our picks from each category.

The New Classic Gensets: Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are advanced petrol fuelled devices that produce electrical energy through the combustion of fuel. 

These powerful and portable generators are ideal for outdoor settings where electricity is hard to come by, making them perfect for outdoor worksites.

Benefits of an inverter generator:

  • Petrol-powered reliability - as long as you have fuel, you will have power.
  • Quieter and more fuel efficient than conventional fuel generators for cleaner energy generation.
  • Budget-friendly option.

It’s worth noting that one major downside of inverter generators is not being able to use them in enclosed spaces. This is due to the fuel emissions released, even in newer models.

Our Pick: RB4.5 Portable Inverter Generator

Redback RB4.5 4500W 4.5KVA EFI Portable Inverter Generator

iTechworld’s Redback inverter generator range is built for big jobs and harsh Australian conditions. The RB4.5 Portable Inverter Generator is no exception. 

RB4.5 makes powering your tools a breeze on site, with a lightweight, durable, and noise-reducing case construction and a push start button. No more messing around with pull starts - just plug in your powertools and go:

Features of the RB4.5 include:

  • 4500W peak (3500W constant output) / 4.5kVA
  • 5.5L fuel tank (over 6hrs run time), 4 stroke engine with Electronic Fuel Injection system
  • Pure sine wave technology for stable power, safe for sensitive equipment
  • Record-breaking 27.5kg weight, with built-in trolley and off-road wheels for easy transport on site

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and smaller with the same innovative technology and construction, check out the RB3.5 Inverter Generator.

The Silent Solution: Solar Generators

Solar generators are more ‘new generation’ tech than their fuel-run counterparts, offering portable, clean power. They’re silent, efficient, and compact - perfect for any job site. Solar charged power stations are:

  • Emission free, silent operation
  • Light weight design
  • Suitable for enclosed spaces and the outdoors

The up-front cost for a solar generator can be higher, but you’re refuelling for free by harnessing the power of sunlight.

Charging by solar means there’s no need to carry fuel between sites. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about noise complaints from an engine. Along with their various sizes and compact design, this makes a solar generator perfect for all those places where other power sources may not reach or be available.

iTechworld offers a wide range of solar generators from 300W all the way up to 3600W, ensuring there's something for every job and trade.

Our pick: PS3600 Power Station & Solar Blanket

iTechworld's Ultimate Solar Generator Kit

We call this one our Ultimate Solar Generator Kit for a reason. It’s a beast of best-in-market technology, able to handle multiple appliances at once with a variety of output options. It comes as a kit with the SB300, a solar blanket package including Anderson plugs, alligator clamps, a solar regulator, and a 5m lead.

Key features of the PS3600:

  • 3600W (7200W peak) 240v / 15A output
  • 300Ah Lithium LiFePO4 battery (exceptional storage and longevity).
  • Pass-through AC charging (plus car port charging, solar charging, able to be charged from a generator or another battery).
  • Inbuilt wheels and trolley for easy carting around sites.
  • Highly efficient 300W solar blanket featuring Raptor Skin cell coating is anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, UV resistant, self-cleaning, and non-stick.

Click the following link to shop the Ultimate Solar Generator Kit now.

More of a visual learner? Check out the PS3600 in this video.

The Endlessly Adaptable: Dual Battery Systems

Dual battery systems, or 12V systems, provide portability since they are fixed to a vehicle that can be moved where you want to go, providing a seamless power experience wherever you need it.

You can easily to convert 12V power from your battery into 240V mains power, allowing you to run and charge your tools and devices.

iTechworld’s dual battery range can deliver all the power you need, even in the toughest environment.

The X-Range batteries are IP67 waterproof and dustproof rated, making them perfect for any worksite and conditions.

Our pick: Pro GoFurther Battery Box Bundle with iTECHDCDC40 + iTECH120X PRO Lithium Battery


Perfect for powering both your job site and any weekend adventures, the iTechworld PRO GoFurther Battery Box Bundle is a plug-and-play solution that can be moved between vehicles, sites or any set up with ease.

Key Features of this dual battery system bundle:

  • iTechworld PRO GoFurther Power Station Kit:

    • Includes iTECH120X Pro Lithium Battery
    • Designed for 4WDs and canopies
    • Australian-designed battery box for dual-battery systems
  • Integrated iTECHDCDC40:

    • Pre-wired connections and plug-and-play DIY setup
    • No electrical expertise required for installation
  • Charging Capabilities:
    • 4 Quick-Charge USB charging ports, including 1 USB-C
    • Charges devices up to 80% in 35 minutes
  • Power Outputs:

    • High-power 175A Anderson connector for inverters
    • 2 x 12V cigarette outputs
    • 4 x input/output Anderson connectors for 12V appliances
  • Construction:

    • Tough polypropylene construction, stronger than steel
    • Heavy-duty copper wire for high-quality power solution
  • Battery:

    • Paired with iTECH120X Pro 120Ah lithium battery
    • Simplest plug-and-play dual battery system on the market
  • Optional Accessories:

    • Includes Plug and Play Wiring Kit
    • Includes GoFurther Battery Box Tray

Click the following link to shop the GoFurther Battery Box Bundle now.

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