Best Power Station To Use With Your Starlink

As Australia embraces the Starlink revolution, with its impressive array of satellites providing fast and stable internet connections even in remote areas, there's one challenge that off-grid users face: keeping their Starlink equipment powered. That's where lithium portable power stations come into play, and the iTechworld PS2000 and iTECH1300P are standout options to meet your Starlink power needs.

Best Power Station for powering up Starlink Device

iTechworld PS2000 - Your Reliable Power Companion

The iTechworld PS2000 is a powerhouse packed into a compact design, making it an ideal companion for your Starlink setup. With a peak capacity of 1997Wh and a 2000W pure sine inverter, this power station can efficiently run your Starlink equipment and other larger appliances. The lithium LiFePO4 battery ensures high performance and safety, with protection features like overcharge, over-discharge, and over-temperature protection. 

The PS2000's versatile array of output ports, including 2x USB-C PD (100W max), 2x USB A (2.4A), 2x USB A QC (Quick Charge 18W), 2x 5.5mm DC (12V 3A), 1x 12V Car Port (10A), and 1x 12V XT60 Port (25A), allows you to power multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, the 240V, 2000W pure sine inverter is perfect for running power-hungry appliances like microwaves, toasters, and coffee machines, giving you the comforts of home even in remote locations.

Designed for safety and ease of use, the PS2000 features an informative LCD that provides real-time usage data, ensuring you always know your power status. It can be recharged through wall adapters, car adapters, solar, or USB-C PD, offering flexible charging options to suit your needs.

The PS2000 Lithium Power Station from iTechworld goes above and beyond being a portable power source. One of its standout features is the ingenious pass-through charging capability. What does that mean for you? It allows you to charge the PS2000 while simultaneously powering your devices. Imagine you're on the road and need to recharge the PS2000 from your vehicle's 12V socket while running a 12V fridge or charging your phone. With pass-through charging, you won't experience any downtime or interruptions in power, ensuring your devices stay powered up and operational at all times.

Moreover, the PS2000 offers excellent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) functionality. During a power outage, the PS2000 can automatically switch to battery power within ten milliseconds, ensuring your critical devices and appliances stay online. Whether in the middle of an important project, camping in the wilderness, or facing unexpected power cuts at home, the PS2000 has you covered, providing a seamless transition to backup power and uninterrupted operation for your essential electronics.

Another impressive aspect of the PS2000 is its rapid recharging capability. When using the included 240V wall adapter, you can charge the PS2000 from 0% to 80% in just one hour! This ultra-fast charging time ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the convenience of portable power.

iTechworld PS2000:

Battery capacity: 1997Wh (Watt-hours)

Estimated runtime for Starlink: 1997Wh / 60W ≈ 33.28 hours

iTECH1300P - Power Packed and Portable

The iTechworld iTECH1300P is another exceptional power station to power your Starlink setup. With a peak capacity of 1254Wh and a 1300W pure sine inverter, the iTECH1300P provides reliable power for extended periods. The lithium LiFePO4 battery with over-temperature protection ensures safety and longevity.

The iTECH1300P boasts a range of output options, including 1x USB A (5V 3.1A), 2x USB A QC (Quick Charge 18W), 2x 5.5mm DC (12V 5A), 1x 12V Car Port (10A), and a 220V, 1300W pure sine inverter. Its lightweight and compact design makes it highly portable, perfect for adventures on the road or off-grid living.

Efficient and fast charging is a crucial feature of the iTECH1300P, with multiple charging options. You can recharge it through wall adapters, car adapters, solar, or USB-C PD, ensuring you stay powered no matter where you are. 

The iTECH1300P, while an excellent power station in its own right, does not offer complete pass-through charging or UPS functionality. Additionally, its charging speed may not match the PS2000's remarkable one-hour 80% recharge time. While both power stations have unique strengths, the PS2000 stands out with its ability to act as a reliable UPS and faster charging capabilities.


Battery capacity: 1254Wh (Watt-hours)

Estimated runtime for Starlink: 1254Wh / 60W ≈ 20.9 hours 



Power On-The-Go: Your Starlink Solution

The iTechworld PS2000 and iTECH1300P power stations are excellent for powering your Starlink setup, offering reliable, efficient, and versatile power solutions. Whether working remotely, camping off-grid, or exploring the great outdoors, these power stations ensure your Starlink connection stays strong and your devices stay charged.

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