Explore Bound Tests Out The iTECH120X PRO

Watch what happens when Daniel from the popular YouTube channel Explore Bound puts the iTECH120X PRO Lithium Battery to the test. 



Comparing the all-new iTECH120X PRO Lithium Battery to the iTECH120X Lithium Battery

  • The physical size of the two batteries are exactly the same - 330mm x 173mm x 225mm (LxWxH)
  • The iTECH120X PRO weighs in 2.5kg heavier than the original iTECH120X due to a new cell type completely different from the one used in the iTECH120X
  • They both have the IP67 Weatherproof rating, meaning we can submerge the battery up to 1m
  • Same max discharge of 270A
  • The warranty period has been upgraded from 3 years for the iTECH120X up to 5 years for the iTECH120X PRO
  • The all-new iTECH120X PRO is rated for 4,000 cycles at a 100% Depth of Discharge - up to 10 times longer than the equivalent AGM battery