Powering a CPAP machine while camping

Powering a CPAP machine remotely

iTechworld Power Station 12v 240v CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea is a potentially severe sleep condition in which breathing frequently stops and starts. A CPAP machine delivers just enough air pressure to a mask to keep your upper airway passages open, preventing snoring and sleep apnea. One in ten Australians suffer from sleep apnoea, and due to the CPAP machine requiring power to operate, off-grid travelling seems out of bounds for sleep apnea sufferers up until now! The lithium power station range from iTechworld is a one-stop solution to powering a CPAP machine off the grid.

Camping with Sleep Apnea CPAP


Most CPAP machines require 240v power to run; some modern models have 12v car adapters to allow operation via a battery. To cater for 240v and 12v CPAP machines, an iTechworld lithium power station has 240v and 12v outputs inbuilt with no extra hardware to purchase. Connecting your CPAP machine to an iTechworld lithium power station is a straightforward process; select either AC or DC on the power station, plug in the CPAP machine and turn on the CPAP machine. It is that simple.

Power Supply for CPAP machine 12v 240v

Run times

Each iTechworld power station has a different battery capacity. The battery capacity determines how long the CPAP machine will run.

We tested the most common CPAP machine (ResMed) via 240v on each power station and got the following results.


iTECH300P 25ah - 7 hours

iTECH500P 50ah - 14 hours

iTECH1300P 100ah - 28 hours


The ResMed CPAP machine used 3.5 amps per hour while running via the inverter of each power station.

CPAP Machine 12v 24v 240v Lithium Power Supply

Charge from the sun

If you want to go on a more extended trip, you need to put a charge into your iTechworld power station. There are three charging methods.

  1. 12v via the DCDC charger inbuilt - plug into 12v socket.
  2. 240v via the AC charger inbuilt - plug into 240v socket.
  3. Solar via the MPPT charger inbuilt - plug in an unregulated solar panel.

We recommend using an iTechworld 200W solar blanket to charge the power station during the day so that you have enough power at night to run the CPAP machine.

Portable Power for CPAP machine 

Portable power

Do not let sleep apnea stop you from enjoying camping and caravaning. A lightweight iTechworld power station is the answer to your power needs. Small enough to be loaded into your vehicle and light enough to move around the campsite, an iTechworld power station takes less space than a carton of beer but has enough power to run your CPAP overnight.


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