Reinvent the way you use power


How to turn your iTECH120X lithium battery into a portable power station.

iTechworld lithium batteries have revolutionised the way we store and consume power. Installed in thousands of caravans and 4WD's around Australia, they are relied upon to power all the essentials we need when going bush. Including fridges, LED lights, phone chargers and inverters.


Family owned and operated iTechworld have been at the forefront of lithium technology in Australia for the last 14 years and are now widely regarded as the number one lithium battery manufacturer in the country. With the release of their new battery box, iTechworld have opened the door for every campsite to be powered by an iTECH120X 120ah lithium battery. You no longer need a permanent install to utilise the incredible power of lithium. Combining the iTECH120X lithium battery with the new iTechworld battery box, gives you a lithium power station.


What can this new lithium power station do?

The new lithium power station can be used to power your entire campsite. Think of all the modern technology you take for granted at home—fridges, lights, and smartphones, to name a few. With an iTECH120X lithium battery and an iTechworld battery box, you can take all these luxuries with you when you head off on your next trip.


The iTechworld battery box incorporates 2x fast-charging USB ports, 2x Anderson plugs, 1x 12v cig socket, a digital state of charge display, isolation switch and 2x heavy duty screw terminal points. This gives you enough outputs to power a 12v camping fridge, charge mobile devices via USB, run camping lights, and even power an inverter for all your 240v power requirements. All the outputs are protected by fuses or circuit breakers to allow safe use of your devices when camping.


The iTechworld battery box also includes a handy voltage meter display. At the press of a button, you can quickly and easily check the state of charge of your iTECH120X lithium battery.

 iTechworld Lithium Battery 120Ah Australian Company

But batteries are heavy, aren't they?

In fact, combined the iTECH120X lithium battery and battery box only weighs an incredible 13kg. The unbelievable lightweight design of the iTECH120X lithium battery makes it the perfect battery to pair with the new iTechworld battery box. Making it very easy to load into the vehicle and a breeze to move around camp as required. While portable battery boxes are not a new idea, they have always been associated with heavy old Lead Acid and AGM batteries. The massive downside with these antiquated battery technologies is the power to weight ratio. A 100Ah Lead Acid battery weighs around 35kg with a depth of discharge of only 50%. This means you can only use half the rated capacity of the battery before you need to recharge. The iTECH120X lithium battery weighs under 12kg and has a 90% depth of discharge. The iTECH120X lithium battery provides more usable power than a 200Ah Lead Acid battery, at a fraction of the weight.


Recharge with solar, vehicle or 240v

Recharging the iTECH120X lithium battery with solar panels is incredibly easy. Set up your solar panels in the sun, connect the Anderson plug output of your solar regulator to the Anderson plug input on the new iTechworld battery box. Job done! You can now enjoy free, clean energy to power your whole campsite. The iTECH120X lithium battery will operate with just about any standard charging system. You can use your existing charging methods to charge your new power station.

Combining the iTECH120X lithium battery with the iTechworld battery box gives you a truly portable power station great for camping, fishing, boating, caravans, 4WDS and much more. The iTechworld battery box is a great way to get more functionality from your iTECH120X lithium battery. Not limited to campsite use the power station is perfect in extended blackouts for keeping critical devices like mobile phones, CPAP machines, 12v fridges and more charged and operational. Add a solar panel to the combination to give almost unlimited power when you need it most.