Troubleshooting iTechworld Battery Monitors & Shunts

iTechworld Battery Monitors & Shunts Troubleshooting

Need help? We are happy to give you the support you need for your iTechworld battery monitor and shunt. Listed below are some of the most frequently seen troubleshooting issues. 


I'm not sure I have connected everything correctly.

  • Charge your battery/batteries to 100% fully charged before installing the iTECHBM500 with shunt. If you have a lithium battery/batteries, the voltage must be resting at 13.5v or higher to be considered 100% full.
  • Connect the 8-metre shielded wire to the shunt and the LCD interface. The shunt cannot connect directly to the LCD interface; you must use the 8-metre shielded wire to connect.
  • Insert the 1 metre 20AWG cable to the B+ housing of the shunt. Using a small flat head screwdriver, secure the cable in place. Connect the eyelet to the positive battery terminal.
  • Run a negative cable from B- on the shunt to the negative battery terminal. We do not supply this cable. Use a cable that can handle the maximum load/charge for the system. Example: Largest load/charger is a 3000 Watt inverter using 0AWG cable. The cable from B- to the battery has to be 0AWG.
  • P- on the shunt now becomes your negative battery terminal. Any negative cable that charges/discharges the battery must be connected to P-. If a negative cable from a device that charges or discharges the battery is connected to the battery rather than P-, there will be inconsistent readings on the LCD interface.
  • The LCD interface will now be active; to set the capacity at 100%, press them 🞂 for three seconds.
  • Press the SET button for three seconds to set the AH. Use the 🞀 🞂 buttons to increase and decrease the AH. Set the usable capacity of your battery/batteries. Refer to your user guide or the iTechworld website for information on the usable AH of your battery.

Please see the wiring diagram below which shows a standard 12v lithium battery system running through an iTECHBM500.

iTECHBM500 Wiring Diagram


How do I use the iTECHBM500?


Battery State Of Charge: The iTECHBM500's default screen shows the battery capacity as a %. If there is a load or charging going into the battery; a small triangle on the bottom left-hand side of the screen will appear. The triangle will have either a + or - symbol to indicate if there is power in + or power out -. If you are charging and discharging simultaneously, the monitor will aggregate and show you with a + or - if you have an abundance or deficit in power.

Battery voltage: On the default screen, press the 🞀 button once to see the battery voltage.

Current: Press the SET button once; the iTECHBM500 will display amps in/out.

Capacity: Press the set button twice.


The % reading does not match the voltage.

This indicates that either a charging method or load is connected directly to the battery rather than going through the shunt.


The voltage increases, but the % does not.

A charger charges the battery, but the negative cable is not connected to the iTECHBM500's shunt.


The voltage decreases, but the % does not.

A load is drawing from the battery, but the negative cable is not connected to the iTECHBM500's shunt.


Why do you not supply a cable from the shunt to the battery?

As all installations are different and require different lengths of cabling, we advise our customers to source this cable themselves.


My iTECHBM500 shows the battery icon to be empty even though there is a high voltage in the battery.


The voltage setting on the iTECHBM500 is set too high, please note this is the floor voltage setting and should be set to 0v.


My iTECHBM500's display is pulsing.

The iTECHBM500's screen will pulse when the battery is receiving a charge.


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