Why Sarah & Keelan Switched To iTechworld Lithium Batteries

YouTubers Sarah and Keelan (Sarah and Keelan Travels) showcase why they made the switch from AGM batteries to iTechworld's iTECH120X deep cycle lithium battery in their brand new caravan.

We have become creatures of comfort in our old age. Nowadays, we want our household appliances on the road with us; glamping has replaced camping. Whether we are having our daily coffee fix from our pod coffee machine or cooking a frittata on an electric cooktop, caravanning has drastically changed over the last 10-20 years. iTechworld has designed the iTECH120X Lithium Battery to keep up with today's avid camper.

The new iTECH120X lithium battery is the pinnacle of deep-cycle battery design. Delivering unprecedented weight savings, performance, and product life span, the iTECH120X Lithium Battery is the battery for the year 2021. The revolutionary iTECH120X boasts advanced components that have been designed and developed in Australia. Family owned and operated iTechworld have been at the forefront of lithium technology in Australia for the last 14 years and are now widely regarding as a leader in the lithium battery market.

The iTECH120X lithium battery will operate with 99% of charging systems, meaning you can replace your heavy AGM batteries with the iTECH120X, with no extensive changes required to your existing charging methods. The iTECH120X is the only true lithium drop-in replacement.

Traditional AGM batteries are heavy, one AGM battery can weigh a back-breaking 30+kg. An iTECH120X almost defies physics as it weighs only a third of conventional AGM batteries but has much more power available. The iTECH120X lithium battery weighs just 12kg which makes it super easy to transport and install.

The iTECH120X has little to no resistance in the lithium cells, allowing recharge times to be up to 5 times quicker than AGM batteries. Faster recharge times ensures you get the most from your solar system.

Traditional lead-acid batteries have a life cycle of 400 - 500 cycles. The iTECH120X has a very long-life cycle of over 4,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.

Heat, water, dust, and vibration stand no chance to the iTECH120X lithium battery which is rated for under bonnet installation and backed by a 3-year full replacement warranty. The iTECH120X is also the only IP67 waterproof lithium battery on the market today.

Sarah and Keelan iTechworld iTECH120X Lithium Battery

The iTECH120X has little to no self-discharge rate allowing the battery to sit unused for long periods without the fear of the battery going flat.

The heartbeat of the iTECH120X lithium battery is the Australian designed inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS controls cell balancing, over and under-voltage protection, short circuit protection and, thermal protection. The iTECH120X carries an impressive 3-year, full replacement warranty.

The iTECH120X can be used in parallel to increase your capacity for more extended storage. New developments by iTechworld in lithium battery manufacturing now allows an unlimited amount of iTECH120X batteries in a parallel configuration.

The iTECH120X has been purpose-built for use in Australia with Caravans, Boats, Campers, Motorhomes, 4WD, Marine Vessels, Trucks, battery boxes, and everything in-between.