How to set up a Lithium Dual-Battery System

A quick 4-step guide to turning your GoFurther battery box into a powerful lithium dual battery system for your next adventure.

Using the GoFurther Battery Box, you can set up your 4WD or vehicle with a dual lithium battery system without complex wiring.

Here is a typical layout of a 4WD with a dual battery system using a GoFurther Battery Box with iTECHDCDC25:
Dual Battery System diagram 4WD

Step 1: Location, Location, Location!

Decide where to install your GoFurther battery box with the integrated iTECHDCDC25 charger. It could be in the back of your ute, in a canopy, on your boat, inside your camper trailer, or even securely in the back seat of your car. This versatile setup allows you to customise your power source for your unique adventure.
If you want to secure your GoFurther with a quick-release tray, check out the GoFurther Battery Box Tray.
GoFurther Details


Step 2: Drop-In Your iTechworld Lithium Battery

Place your iTECH100 or iTECH120X PRO battery inside the GoFurther battery box, designed to accommodate your lithium battery and integrate our innovative iTECHDCDC25 charger. The iTECHDCDC25 is unique because it features dual inputs: one from your vehicle's cranking battery and the other from solar power, utilising cutting-edge MPPT technology.

Connect GoFurther to Cranking Battery

If you want a kit with all the components you need to install, check out the GoFurther 4WD System.

Drop in replacement GoFurther iTech120X PRO

Step 3: Plug and Play

Our Plug and Play Wiring Kit simplifies the connection process. One end connects to the GoFurther battery box, while the other links to your vehicle's cranking battery under the bonnet. This intelligent system allows your cranking battery to activate the iTECHDCDC25 charger, ensuring efficient charging for your lithium battery.

GoFurther charge multiple devices

Step 4: Take it Anywhere You Need it

That's it! You're all set up. The iTECH100, GoFurther battery box and iTECHDCDC25 charger work seamlessly to provide a reliable power source. Whether camping, overlanding or on a road trip, your lithium dual battery system will keep your devices and appliances running without a hitch. Plug your fridge into the 12V socket and charge your mobile devices from the fast-charging USB-A and USB-C ports. There are four Anderson plug outlets and two 12V sockets if you need to run extra appliances. 

With iTechworld's lithium dual battery system, you can confidently explore off-grid locations. Say goodbye to worries about your power source - we've made it easy for you to enjoy the great outdoors without any worries. The GoFurther allows expansion of your system by incorporating a heavy-duty 175 amp Anderson plug, perfect for use with an inverter.

GoFurther on the road 4WD

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