ITECH900a Jump Starter
900a Jump Starter back up battery
ITECH900a Jumpstarter
900a Jump Starter back up battery
900A jumpstarter itechworld
ITECH900a Jump Starter
  • ITECH900a Jump Starter
  • ITECH900A
  • 900a Jump Starter back up battery
  • ITECH900a Jumpstarter
  • 900a Jump Starter back up battery
  • 900A jumpstarter itechworld
  • ITECH900a Jump Starter

iTECH900A Portable Jump Starter Backup Power Bank

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The iTECH900A has been replaced by the iTECH1000A Available HERE

900Amp Car Vehicle Jump Starter Backup Power Bank Battery Charger Boat 12V 20000mAh Lithium-ion polymer.


Family owned and proudly Australian, iTechworld have been applying good old fashioned Aussie innovation to the power generation and storage market for the last 12 years. Our latest and greatest product is the iTECH900A.

The new and improved intelligent clamps for the iTECH900A makes it the safest portable jump starter in the world today. The intelligent clamps provide short circuit protection, over discharge protection, over charge protection, reverse polarity protection and reverse charge protection. To back up the safety of the iTECH900A, iTechworld have taken out a 2 million dollar worldwide insurance policy on the product. On top of that you get a full 12 month warranty.

The iTECH900A is a portable Jump Starter device which can produce enough Cold Cranking Amps to jump start a flat battery of any petrol or diesel vehicle (up to 5l for diesel). There is nothing worse than turning the ignition key and nothing happens. Whether the battery is on its way out, or even if the problem is as simple as the lights being left on, the iTECH900A will breathe life back into your flat battery.

Jump Star Diesel Vehicles

The ability to jump start a vehicle’s flat battery, any time, any place with minimal fuss is now a reality thanks to the iTECH900A. You no longer must rely on other people with long, clumsy and potentially unsafe jumper leads to get your battery back to life. Research shows that using jumper leads on today’s more sophisticated vehicles can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle’s computer systems. The voltage spikes can be too high, this can then cause thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle. The iTECH900A eliminates these issues and is the cleaner, smarter and more sophisticated way to get power back into the battery.

The iTECH900A also has a powerful Lithium-ion polymer battery. This gives you a 20000mAh battery which makes it a backup power storage device all rolled together in one product. The iTECH900A also allows you to run your 12v fridge, 12v TV, 12v LED lights directly from the device (max power output 8 Amps) and at the same time, you can also charge your phone, tablet, camera or even charge some laptops. The iTECH900A has two USB ports and even has a bright torch. At no extra cost, iTechworld include the fittings and adapters to run your 12v equipment and to charge your smart devices. Some fridges will require the EC5 adapter ($15) which is available HERE. 

Battery Bank for smart devices

In real world terms, this means you can plug your small 12v fridge directly into the iTECH900A and run it for up to 10 hours before any recharge is required. You could also use the iTECH900A to run a 12v sleep apnea CPAP machine. Now that’s some serious power from a product that is so compact, lightweight and easy to store in your glove box.

Portable Jump Starter for Fridge

The iTECH900A can hold its charge for up to 6 months, meaning it can sit idle in your glove box ready for action. By using the battery level indicator button, you can quickly see from the LED display if it needs to be recharged. You can easily recharge the iTECH900A on 12v with a cigarette lighter adapter included in the kit or 240v using the three pinned Australian plug also included in the kit.

This device is a must have for your car, boat, jet ski, motorbike, any petrol vehicle or even large diesel vehicles.



900Amp peak current.
A 4 LED display that shows the condition of the built-in battery.
Built-in torch with ultra-bright LED.
Digital Products Charging is done via two USB 2.0 output ports allowing simultaneous charging of your smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other 5V digital devices.
Can also charge 12V, 16V and 19V DC devices
Max power output 8 Amps
Compact design and so light weight, very easy to carry.
Intelligent circuitry.
Slide on/off switch.
Over current protection.
Short circuit protection.
Overload protection.
Over-voltage protection.
Over-charge protection.
The Vehicle boot port: 12V
A 20000m Amp Hour Lithium-ion built in battery.
USB Ports: 5V 2.1A
Input: 15V/1A
Starting current: >450A
Peak current: 900A
LED life: 100,000H
Operating temperature: -20°C-60°C
Jump starter unit size: 190x85x35mm  weight 625g
Storage case: 195x255x50mm



1 x Multifunction ITECH900A Jump Starter.
1 x AC wall charger.
1 x 12V car charger.
1 x Heavy duty colour coded battery clips.
1 x Laptop adapter plugs.
1 x Assorted phone adapter plugs.
1 x Removable 12V female cigarette lighter port.
1 x User manual. 
1 x Zip up carry case with pockets and grippers to hold everything securely.
Gross Weight 1kg

Download the iTECH900A product brochure HERE

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