How to start a car with no jumper leads

 2000Amp Jump Starter

Cars and 4wds are something that we rely on in our day to day lives or when holidaying in a remote area in the vast Australian outback. However, cars and 4wds sometimes disappoint us. You might wake up on a beautiful and bright morning after a great night camping in a remote area, crank up your engine, only for it to refuse to start. You will now require help getting your car started. Normal practice would be to jump-start the car with jumper leads. However, it is unlikely that you would bump into someone with jumper leads in the middle of woop woop. This makes an iTECH2000A jump starter the must-have device for all cars and 4WD owners.

iTECH2000A Accessories and Case

The iTECH2000A jump starter is a lightweight and portable lithium power bank that enables you to jump-start your car or 4WD when you have a flat battery. Unlike conventional jumper leads, an iTechworld multifunctional jump starter does not require another vehicle.

Not only can the iTECH2000A jump start your car, but it can also be used as a battery bank. You can charge multiple USB devices (such as phones or tablets) from the iTECH2000A, you can even run a 12v car fridge, all from something small enough to fit in your glove box.

To make charging your new devices easy, the iTECH2000A includes a wireless QI charger. This super useful feature allows you to charge compatible mobile devices without messy cables. This comes in very handy when you go camping and forget your phone charger. As we all know, power options are very limited in the bush. Having the iTECH2000A in your glove box gives you a flexible power supply for off-grid usage.

What makes the iTECH2000A so convenient is its portable size and lightweight construction. Weighing only 725g it takes up very little space in your car and is super easy to transport.

iTECH2000A + iTECH1420CA

Its portability makes the iTECH2000A easy to carry from your car glove box or boot to the engine where it is needed. An iTECH2000A jump starter can be operated by just one person and does not require another vehicle. If you are planning to travel to remote locations, getting an iTECH2000A multifunctional jump starter will give you peace of mind on your adventures.

We are all trying to spend less and save more, especially during these uncertain times. In a situation where your car or 4WD has a flat battery, an iTECH2000A will prove to be a sound investment as it will save you time and any additional call-out fees from a mechanic. Owning an iTECH2000A jump starter will eliminate the uncertainty and waiting time of a third party trying to locate you. By having the ability to jump-start your vehicle you can be self-reliant.

Using conventional jumper leads comes with risk. During the connection to another vehicle, sparks can cause fires, permanently damaging the other vehicle. The other vehicle may not even be compatible with jumper leads. An iTECH2000A multifunctional jump starter eliminates all these risks as its lithium batteries have advanced technology making it very safe to use. An iTechworld multifunctional jump starter comes with great safety features like overcharge protection, discharge protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, and more.

iTECH2000A Multifunctional Jump Starter
The iTECH2000A has been specifically designed to be an easy single-person operation. Simply connect the intelligent jumper cables to the iTECH2000A. Attach the clamps to the car battery, press the button on the smart clamps to initiate the jump starter and turn the car key. It is that simple.

An iTECH2000A is a great emergency product and comes in handy when you are in a sticky situation or remote area. It is essential to have an alternative source of power in your vehicle as car batteries will fail without warning. Who knows, you might be saving a life (possibly yours) with an iTECH2000A multi-functional jump starter.

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