iTECHDCDC25 12V/24V 25A DCDC & MPPT Battery Charger

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iTECHDCDC25 25A 12/24V In-Vehicle DC to DC Charger.

The iTECHDCDC25 keeps your battery charged no matter the battery type or size. 

The all-new iTECHDCDC25 charger incorporates an MPPT solar controller allowing charge from solar panels or blankets. When the vehicle runs, the DCDC charger will charge via the alternator; when the vehicle stops, the iTECHDCDC25 will continue charging via your solar panels/blankets (if added).

Exclusive to iTechworld DCDC chargers is a function known as Solar Power Priority (SPP) which represents the preference for solar input. This allows you to set your iTECHDCDC25 to use solar input over the vehicle alternator's input at the push of a button. Solar Power Priority places less load on the alternator, is better for the environment and helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Designed and developed in Australia for Australia, the iTECHDCDC25 is IP67 Waterproof, Dustproof and vibration-proof. Built with a heavy-duty metal case uniquely designed to help with heat dispersion, the iTECHDCDC25 is suited and warranted for under-bonnet installation. Mounting brackets are included in the case design, allowing for easy installation in your setup.  

Many vehicles now have smart alternators that do not produce a high enough voltage to charge auxiliary batteries; the iTECHDCDC25 works by enhancing the voltage to the auxiliary battery regardless of the alternator type; the enhancement of voltage is also valuable for overcoming voltage drop from long cable runs to caravans and camper trailers. 

A unique feature of the new iTECHDCDC25 is the ability to accept a wide voltage input range from either solar or vehicle input, with the maximum input voltage now being 32v. As the iTECHDCDC25 accepts higher input voltages, it opens the door to 24v inputs as well as some larger voltage solar panels commonly found in residential installations. 

The new iTECHDCDC25 is compatible with all battery types but comes into its own when paired with iTechworld lithium batteries. All iTechworld lithium batteries have low voltage protection and will enter "safe mode" to protect themselves when their voltage dips below 10v.

There are various methods to bring an iTechworld lithium battery out of safe mode, but the new iTECHDCDC25 will get an iTechworld lithium battery out of safe mode automatically; if the lithium battery enters safe mode, turn off any load on the battery and the iTECHDCDC25 will take care of the rest, it's that simple. 

Key Features

  • IP67 Waterproof and dustproof
  • Suited and warranted for under-bonnet installation
  • Colour-coded Anderson plugs for easy install
  • Separate DC and solar charging inputs
  • Maximise the performance and life of your auxiliary battery
  • Vibration proof 
  • Solar Power Priority mode
  • Sleek heavy-duty design
  • Heat dispersing design
  • Lithium battery wake-up function
  • Charge all battery types, including Lithium LiFePO4, Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, and Calcium.
  • Updated custom-made lithium charging algorithm
  • Mounting brackets

Package Contents:


6x Colour coded Anderson plugs (3 are pre-installed to the iTECHDCDC25)

1x Instruction manual also found HERE


  • Input voltage: 9V - 32V
  • Output voltage: 12v
  • Solar input voltage: 9V - 32V
  • Maximum input current: 25A
  • Maximum output current: 25A
  • Standby current: <10mA
  • Suitable battery types: Lithium LiFePO4, Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, and Calcium.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C - +80°C 
  • IP rating: IP67 Waterproof
  • Weight: 670g
  • Dimensions: 150x127x39mm (LxWxH)