Can I Use a Normal Battery Charger on a Lithium Battery?

The short answer? Yes.


While other lithium battery brands require you to upgrade your whole charging system (at a considerable extra cost), this is not the case with iTechworld lithium batteries.


When designing our lithium deep cycle battery range, we took additional measures to ensure customers could switch from lead-acid batteries to lithium smoothly with no disruptions to wiring or extra installation costs.


You do not need a specific lithium battery charger.


Customer review for an iTechworld lithium deep cycle battery


Is my charger compatible with lithium deep cycle batteries?

iTechworld lithium batteries will operate with 99% of chargers on the Australian market. There is no need to replace your existing charger(s) you've been using on a lead acid battery and upgrade to lithium battery chargers. A lead acid charger will do the job.


The key to this fantastic feature is the Australian designed BMS (Battery Management System) inside all iTechworld lithium batteries. Along with controlling all the safety features, the BMS ensures that the battery charges correctly with your existing charger.


What chargers are not compatible with the iTechworld lithium range?

The only charger(s) that we do not recommend using with our lithium batteries is one designed to operate with calcium batteries. The voltage input from a calcium charger is usually higher than recommenced for a lithium deep cycle battery.


If you somehow accidentally used a calcium charger on an iTechworld lithium deep cycle battery, the battery's BMS would detect the high input voltage and would trigger itself to go into safe mode, protecting the battery from any damage.


Charging lithium batteries is made easy with the iTechworld range.


Here's a review from a happy lithium deep cycle battery customer:


iTechworld lithium battery review


What profile should I select on my charger?

You have probably noticed that your charger will have various different battery chemistries to select. Each of these selections will have a different charge profile associated with it. We recommend using the following profiles:


  • Gel
  • Lead-acid
  • AGM
  • Lithium
  • LiFePO4

    iTechworld lithium batteries will accept a charge from all of the charging profiles mentioned above.


    What is the benefit of using a dedicated lithium charger?

    We warrant your iTechworld lithium battery for use with non-lithium profile chargers and with lithium profile chargers. Non-lithium profile chargers tend to have a lower charge current rate.


    iTechworld lithium deep cycle batteries can take a charge current of up to 50 amps. Selecting a charger with a lithium profile and a high charge current will ensure your battery will charge very quickly.


    Check out our range of lithium battery chargers. The best way to charge lithium batteries safely and quickly.