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FAQ iTechworld DCDC chargers

What battery types does an iTechworld DCDC charger support?

An iTechworld DCDC charger supports Lead acid, AGM/GEL, lithium and calcium battery types.

Does an iTechworld DCDC charger have a solar input?

Yes, an iTechworld DCDC charger has an inbuilt MPPT solar controller which is optimized to get up to 30% more efficiency from your solar panel than normal controllers.

Is an iTechworld DCDC charger waterproof?

Yes, an iTechworld DCDC charger has an IP67 water and dust proof rating.

Can I mount an iTechworld DCDC charger under the bonnet?

Yes, due to its rugged heavy duty design and waterproof rating an iTECHDCDC charger can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Can I use my existing Anderson plugs with an iTechworld DCDC charger?

Yes, an iTechworld DCDC charger will plug into your existing Anderson plugs. Please ensure the cabling used is suitable for your DCDC charger. The red anderson plug on the DCDC charger will only fit another red Anderson plug.

I would rather keep my solar separate, is that an issue?

No, the solar side of the DCDC charger is optional. You do not have to use it.

Can I use a non iTechworld solar panel with an iTechworld DCDC charger?

We always recommend an iTechworld solar panel to go along with an iTechworld DCDC charger, this will ensure optimum performance of the system. You can use non iTechworld solar panels provided their specs match up with the DCDC chargers charging parameters. Please consult with the DCDC user guide or see the details on our website HERE

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You can also find our iTechworld DCDC charger troubleshooting guide here.