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280 Watt Solar Blanket

These days everyone is taking more and more appliances with them when they are going camping. Appliances like fridges, kettles, TVs and even Microwaves are becoming common sights at campsites across the country.

A popular way of charging these appliances can be a solar panel. While Generators are the most widely used device for  running these appliances it isn’t the most popular choice with fellow campers and now even some caravan parks have put bans or restrictions on the use of generators. One of the last things you want to hear when you are trying to sleep is a noisy generator. One thing is for sure, you will not lose any sleep by using the correct solar panel suited to your needs. The iTechworld Portable Folding Solar Panel range is the standard bearer for all other Solar Panels on the Australian market today. The packages come complete with all the equipment you need to Plug and Charge.



These panels are just as effective as a generator but more efficient because it uses the sun for power. No need to carry extra fuel. Let’s face it, there is plenty of sun going around Australia. Why not tap into our natural resource to fuel your trip?


The iTechworld Portable Folding Solar Panel range has the added advantage of being easy to take 4 wheel driving. A collapsible, folding stand allows the panels to fold into a small storage unit which is then placed into the padded zip bag provided this will then fit nicely into the back of your 4 wheel drive, leaving plenty of space for the rest of your equipment.

Solar and Caravan


The iTechworld Portable Folding Solar Panel range is known nationwide for having the best constructed hinges, locks and corners meaning it can sit comfortably in the back of the 4 wheel drive and you won’t have to worry about the condition of it afterwards. The iTechworld Portable Folding Solar Panel range has quality design features that you will not find with cheap eBay replicas. They are all designed to be shock resistant and are fully hail proof meaning it can handle the best of the Australian off road tracks. The iTechworld Portable Folding Solar Panels range has reinforced super tough light weight glass coverings to protect the German Certified, Mono-crystalline, Shade tolerant Solar Cells.




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