Portable Jump Starter

Portable Light Weight 1000 Cold Cranking Amp Jump Starter

UPDATE - We've got two new fantastic jump starters available:

  1. JS 80 3000 Amp Portable Jump Starter
  2. iTECH2000A 2000 Amp Jump Starter

The iTECH1000A is a must have piece of equipment. The primary function is to have the ability to jump start your vehicle when you have a flat battery, any time, any place with minimal fuss. Other functions include being able to charge various different mobile devices including tablets, mobile phones, satellite navigation, gaming devices and even portable fridges. The peace of mind this device creates is worth its weight in gold, you never have to be worried about being caught out when travelling. The beauty of the iTECH1000A is that fits right into your glove box and is extremely light weight, compact and portable.

The iTECH1000A isn't just useful for when you are in a tricky situation you can also use it when you are going on holidays, long journeys, festivals or corporate events as a backup device for those low battery emergencies. Weighing in at 600g this unit is very light weight, compact and sophisticated – supporting the new lithium polymer battery technology this is the most up to date battery technology and is of much higher quality compared to cheaper versions on the market.

Jump Start Diesel 

Looking at the design of the iTECH1000A - it is very modern with a sleek black and orange finish, supporting an Ultra Bright LED torch which gives you a bright white light when you are in a dark situation. The ITECH1000a also comes with a three way charging cable which includes a micro USB, IPod and the thunderbolt connector for the iPhone five and upwards models, this allows you to charge and connect three different devices at the same time. The iTECH1000A will only take approximately eight hours to fully charge and will last 6 to 12 months, although we would always recommend keeping the iTECH1000A topped up every three months so you can be sure not to be caught short.

charge an iPhone remote 

The iTECH1000A will only take an hour to fully charge your phone; you can do this up to twenty times on one full charge of the device. Using the iTECH1000A to start your vehicle is very simple as all you need to do is connect the battery clips that are provided in the pack to your vehicle; turn the key and away you go. You can jump start a vehicle up to twenty times on a full charge from one of these devices. When the device does not have any power left it will be indicated using the L.E.D lights on the side of the device. When you want to charge the device you can plug it into the mains at home or any standard three pin plug socket.  If you’re not at home or near a plug socket you are also provided with an in car charger so you can charge on the move.


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