Best Car Jump Starter in Australia! The iTechworld JS80 3000Amp Jump Starter

Updated 9 April 2024

Forget the humble pocketknife – we have the best (and most underrated) multi-use tool in stock for your next adventure.

We’re talking about the JS80 3000 Amp Jump Starter, a multifunctional lithium battery jumper pack you’ll want to keep around for all your trips in future.

Lithium Battery Jump Starters: The smart choice

Jumper cables are still a popular tool for jump starting a flat battery. But if the connection is incorrect, you’re risking thousands of dollars in damages to the car’s electrical system and battery.

It’s not worth the risk when there is a viable, portable, and powerful alternative to jumper leads. It costs you significantly less to invest in a good jump starter than it will to fix fried electronics, or worse, replace the vehicle entirely.

With all the risks associated with jumper cables, iTechworld brought lithium car jump-starters to the Australian market. We’re revolutionising the way people start vehicles and making the process of jump starting a car a safe operation.


JS80 3000Amp Multifunctional Jump Starter

The JS80 is iTechworld's flagship lithium powered jump starter. The JS80 has been designed and developed in Perth and utilises an ultra-safe design which prevents any potentially dangerous errors occurring.

With no less than seven safety features, including spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, the JS80 is the smart, secure, and straightforward way to start a vehicle.

Who needs to risk jumper cables when you have one of these handy jump starters?

Check out this video showing how quick and easy using the JS80 really is – no second car or call to roadside assistance needed.


Never get stranded with a flat battery again

The primary function of JS80 is to jump-start a vehicle with a flat battery with minimum fuss and without relying on a second vehicle.

The JS80 will holds its charge for six months and will sit happily in a glove box awaiting use during this time.

You can get up to 40 jumps with a single charge or use the jump starter device as a backup battery for your off-grid needs thanks to 12v and USB C outputs.


JS80 Jump Starter

How to use a jump starter

Using the JS80 to start a car is as simple as one, two, three:

  • Connect the HD clamps to the JS80.
  • Connect the clamps to the battery and press the jump-start button.
  • Start the vehicle.

The JS80 is the most powerful multifunctional jump starter on the market today. It’s so powerful, iTechworld guarantee the JS80 will jump start every car or 4wd you can find.

Use it on cars, utes, boats, quads, lawn mowers, campervans, tractors – and anything in between.

The JS80 battery has been designed for easy use by one person, so you can get going without any fuss when you need to.

Here is a video showing a more detailed breakdown of the features and benefits of this high-powered jump starter pack.

Multi-use lithium jump starter

The secondary function of the JS80 is to provide a portable power supply. The JS80 has two quick charge 3.1 Amp USB ports which charge mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches, headphones and more.

Check out this five star review from Bryan G. His trusty JS80 went from off-grid phone charger to reviving flat batteries on a Mazda BT50 and a Toyota RAV4 – all in one trip.

Charge and run small appliances

Modern appliances charge via USBC, and the JS80 is up to the task thanks to its 60w PD USB C input / output. The JS80 can also charge and run modern laptops such as a Mac Book.

Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and stay powered up when you need to. These jumper packs are not quite as portable as our power banks (which are designed to be pocket-friendly and compact), but are much more compact than the traditional lead acid battery.

They’re perfect as a backup solution to keep your small appliances and devices charged, outside of their primary purpose as a jump starter for flat batteries.

Run a 12v fridge with jump starter battery

The JS80 has a 12v output, which allows 12v appliances to run directly from the jump starter. This includes tyre compressor pumps, small inverters, 12v lights, 12v fridges and more; everything you might need on the road.

The JS80 has pass through charging which allows the JS80 to charge and discharge at the same time. Run a 12v fridge from the JS80, charge the JS80 simultaneously via the vehicles 12v cigarette socket.

This means you can keep your fridge cold and your JS80 charged up for when you’re no longer running the vehicle – a highly efficient way to keep everything topped up.

Our iTechworld range has plenty of options to suit your needs when it comes to off-grid power. If you’re seriously into the off-grid life, are wanting to run larger appliances for longer or you’re looking for something with a lot of grunt in case of power outages, a portable power station may be worth adding to your repertoire.

No light? No problem

The JS80 has an in-built tactical grade LED torch (500 lumens). A tactical grade torch is usually associated with the military, police, or security.

Having a torch that you can rely on is an often undervalued part of any kit. It can be stressful enough trying to get things moving again after road troubles – you don’t need to add trying to fumble your way in the dark to that.

Tough construction for any conditions

This rugged jump start device is built for any situation. It comes in a heavy duty case to keep everything tidy and protected while not in use, and has a IP65 waterproof rating (with the port covers closed) – so while it’s not quite rated for a full immersion dunking, it will be fine for anything below that. Perfect for boaties or offroad 4WD adventurers!

Watertight also means dust tight, which can help prolong the life of the device by keeping the interior dust-free. We recommend always having the port covers closed unless in use for best protection.

Your glove box essential

Everyone should have a JS80 in their glove box. It’s the easiest way to make sure you’re never stranded because of a battery failure.

Whether you are using this jump starter to supplement your power needs on a camping trip or using it as an emergency device for when you have a flat battery, the iTechworld JS80 is the one-stop option for you.

The JS80 also has a little brother in the JS60 1500Amp jump starter, which can provide up to 30 jumps from one single charge.

Get your power solutions from the experts

We help power your next adventure.

Lithium technology is improving all the time, and West Australian, family owned and operated company iTechworld has been at the forefront of lithium storage batteries and lithium jump starters for the last 14 years.

Speak to the power experts today about which jump starter is perfect for your specific needs. Contact us via email, phone 08 9472 7200 or visit our Perth team at 291 Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, WA 6100.