Clean up your energy this Earth Day with a lithium power station

Imagine this all too familiar scenario...

You have pulled up in a serene yet secluded camping spot. Set up camp and lay out all of your gear for sunset. It comes time to turn on the lighting and your electrical devices. You turn on your petrol generator, and now the beautiful clean outdoor air now has a smell of burning petrol attached to it. Sound or smell familiar?


Now there is a way to provide power to your campsite without burning fuel

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology of lithium you now have a lighter, cleaner and quieter alternative to petrol generators. The iTechworld PS2000 Lithium Power Station has recently launched, bringing an all-time high power output of 2000 Watts and 160 Amp-hours, meaning you can run multiple appliances including a coffee machine, electric stove cooktop and any other creature comforts when you need it.

Not to mention it can also run your 12V fridge for almost a week. During the day, you can charge your PS2000 via the sun with an iTechworld solar blanket in 4 hours with a 500W solar input, or you can quick-charge the PS2000 to 80% via mains within an hour!

Switching from a petrol generator to a lithium power station is a smart choice for anyone who is concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Earth Day is a reminder that there is no better time to take this step towards a more sustainable future than now. By making this switch, you can help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere, which in turn helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.

PS2000 Lithium Power Station 2000W 160Ah

Compare the PS2000 to a Petrol Generator

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