Dawn of the Digital Nomad

iTECH300P iTechworld Lithium Power Station

As technology enhances, so does the way that grey nomads travel. The lifestyle that a grey nomad lives is something to be desired, and with that, we are seeing the conception of a new type of traveller, an intellectual traveller who does not compromise on their lifestyle. Now we are seeing the rise of the digital nomad! 

The dream of visiting our beautiful coastline one day, followed up by being in the bush the next can be a welcome change of pace to many. The goal did not seem viable as the options for off-grid power were antiquated and cumbersome. Petrol generators are noisy and heavy, not to mention their ongoing fuel, oil, and servicing costs. Dual battery systems lack flexibility, are weighty and incur expensive installation costs. To help the avid digital nomad live the dream, we have designed the lightweight iTechworld lithium power station range.


Hit the road

Do you yearn to grab your laptop, jump in your car and work in the beautiful outdoors? You are not alone, but the dream would come tumbling down if you could not keep your laptop charged. All iTechworld power stations have 240v outputs allowing you to extend the time you can use your computer. Modern laptops charge more effectively from PD USB-C, and all iTechworld power stations are future-proofed and utilise fast-charging USB-C outputs. The iTechworld power station range can power an array of devices and appliances not limited to laptops. Do you enjoy making video content and taking images? Keep cameras, drones, phones, tablets, and everything in between charged and ready to use. Never miss that extraordinary photo opportunity due to a flat battery again! 



Stay connected

Although we often hit the road to get away from our daily grind, keeping in contact with loved ones and colleagues is essential to the digital nomad lifestyle. A strong Wi-Fi connection is beneficial and gives access to emails, video calls, presentations, and file transfers. Utilise your mobile phone's data via your Hotspot, especially if you have a plan with a suitable data allowance. With cellular coverage constantly improving, Wi-Fi on the road is now a reality; however, using your phone's data does deplete its battery quicker. An iTechworld lithium power station will keep your phone charged, allowing for more extended connectivity to Wi-Fi.

Free Power

For extended time away, you will need a recharging method. All iTechworld power stations have an inbuilt DCDC charger. While the car is running, the power station will charge from the 12v socket. When you have reached your destination, roll out an iTechworld solar blanket to charge the power station. Adding a solar blanket to an iTechworld power station allows you to be self-sufficient. 



Gone fishing

Charging phones and laptops is one thing, but what if you have bigger fish to fry? Literally!? The flagship iTechworld power station is the incredible iTECH1300P. A 100ah lithium battery resides inside the iTECH1300P, which powers a large 1300-Watt inverter, and transfers 12v power to 240v. The iTECH1300P can run a Coffee machine, power a toaster or microwave and even has enough power to cook food on an induction cooktop. 

The time of the digital nomad is now, and we have a power station to suit everyone from the weekend warrior to the full-time traveller.

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