Frequently Asked Questions iTechworld Lithium Storage Batteries

FAQ iTechworld Lithium Storage Batteries

Compared with traditional lead acid battery technology, iTechworld lithium storage batteries have various features and benefits that are desirable in everyday use. The advantages of an iTechworld lithium storage battery fall into six more broad categories:

  • Maintenance: An iTechworld lithium battery has little to no maintenance required. Other batteries such as flooded lead-acid batteries, need their water replenished regularly. Extra maintenance is highly inconvenient.
  • Weight: A traditional lead-acid battery can weigh upwards of 35kg. An equivalent iTechworld lithium battery weighs approximately 10kg -15kg. 
  • Longevity: The average lead-acid battery lifespan is approximately 400-700 cycles. An iTechworld lithium battery can cycle over 4000 times. An extended service life negates the tedious task of replacing your faulty/end of life lead-acid batteries every few years.
  • Easy & Fast Charging: Using fast-charging iTechworld lithium batteries enables peak efficiency from charging systems. An iTechworld lithium battery utilises a state-of-the-art BMS (Battery Management System) which allows charge from existing AC chargers, DCDC chargers and solar systems.
  • Safer: Standard lead-acid batteries have no safety features; this has a knock-on effect on their lifespan. An iTechworld lithium battery has numerous safety features such as but not limited to over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection, cross polarity protection, high and low-temperature protection, and high current protection.
  • Usable power:an iTechworld lithium battery provides almost 100% of its capacity as usable power. Compare this to a lead-acid battery that only has 50% of its total capacity available as usable energy, and you can quickly see that iTechworld lithium technology is superior to antiquated lead-acid technology. Each time a lead acid battery is discharged below 50% its lifespan is shortened. Usable power goes hand in hand with the weight-saving benefit associated with iTechworld lithium batteries. In many circumstances, it is possible to replace 2x 100 ah lead-acid batteries that weigh 35kg each with one iTechworld lithium battery which weighs approximately 10kg - 15kg.

Can I charge an iTechworld lithium storage battery and use it at the same time?

Yes, you can charge and discharge simultaneity with an iTechworld lithium storage battery.

Can I use my iTechworld lithium storage battery under the bonnet?

  • iTechworld lithium batteries can be used under the bonnet.
  • We recommend wrapping the battery in a heat shield.
  • The only time you should not mount the battery under the bonnet is if the battery is going to be situated close to the vehicle’s turbo or the battery you are using is not waterproof.

Is my iTechworld lithium storage battery waterproof?

Please refer to the iTechworld website for the IP rating of your battery. The X range of iTechworld batteries are IP67 rated and recommended for marine applications.

What should I set my charging voltages to?

If you have non iTechworld charger, controller or regulator which you can adjust the parameters on we recommend you set it as below for optimal performance.

  • Bulk: 14.4v
  • Absorption: 14.4v
  • Float: 13.5v

I have a non-lithium profile charger; will it work with your battery?

99% of all non-lithium profile chargers are compatible with iTechworld lithium batteries, the only chargers that may not be compatible are chargers that are specifically designed to charge calcium batteries. Non lithium profile solar controllers and non-lithium profile DCDC chargers are also compatible with iTechworld batteries. The battery will charge to 98%-100% when using non lithium profiles. Using a non-lithium profile charger will not shorten the lifespan of an iTechworld battery, we warrant our batteries for use with non-lithium profiles.

What non-lithium charging profile should I set my charger to?

If the charger has a lithium profile; it should always be used ahead of all other charging profiles. If the charger does not have a lithium profile you can use AGM and GEL as iTechworld lithium batteries can accept charge from those type of profiles.

Can I connect an iTechworld lithium storage battery to a non-lithium battery such as my cranking battery?

You cannot mix the chemistries when creating a battery bank. When charging an iTechworld lithium battery from the cranking battery lithium or otherwise there must be a DCDC charger in between the two. This will isolate the batteries and ensure the correct charging of each battery. A VSR will not suffice, you must use a DCDC charger, we recommend iTechworld DCDC and AC chargers HERE

Can I connect iTechworld lithium storage batteries in parallel?

Yes, iTechworld batteries can be connected in parallel. Please refer to our website for how many can be connected in parallel. Generally, its four (4) unless stated otherwise. We recommend keeping the battery types the same, do not mix iTechworld batches or mix with different manufacturers.

Can I connect iTechworld lithium storage batteries in series?

Yes, iTechworld batteries can be connected in series. Please refer to our website for how many can be connected in series. Generally, the maximum is four (4) to make a maximum of a 48v system unless stated otherwise. Note: iTECH120X are only compatible in series up to two (2) batteries 24v system. We recommend keeping the battery types the same, do not mix iTechworld batches or mix with different manufacturers.

Can I mount an iTechworld storage battery on its side?

Yes, iTechworld batteries can be mounted on their side, they cannot be mounted upside down.

Can my iTechworld lithium storage battery start a vehicle?

An iTechworld storage battery does not have a CCA or CA rating; however, it may start some small vehicles such as an outboard motor. The iTechworld storage battery range should not be used for cranking applications.

How do I store my iTechworld lithium storage battery?

  • Charge the battery to a resting voltage of 13.2-13.5v.
  • Store the battery in a dry cool environment away from any moisture or humidity.
  • Check the battery voltage every 3 months and top up if required.
  • Do not store the battery in direct sunlight.

I don’t have an MPPT solar charge controller will this charge your lithium storage batteries?

Yes, PWM as well as MPPT solar controllers are compatible with our lithium batteries even if they do not have a lithium specific profile. your existing portable solar panel will charge an iTechworld lithium battery.

Do you do a 24 volt iTechworld lithium storage battery?

We do not have 1 battery set at 24v; however, our batteries are compatible in a series connection.

I just received my iTechworld lithium storage battery, is it fully charged?

No, we ship the batteries at a voltage of 13.2v.

Can I use a low current trickle charger on an iTechworld lithium storage battery?

A trickle charger is not necessary or required. One of the best characteristics of an iTechworld lithium storage battery is that it will hold its voltage/charge for a long time, provided there is no load on the battery. We recommend charging the battery to a voltage of 13.2v or higher, disable/isolate any load and then check the battery every 2-3 months. If the battery requires a top up, use a charger to top it up.

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