Frequently Asked Questions Lithium Power Stations

iTechworld Lithium Power Stations Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Josh walk through the main features of the iTECH1300P.


Is there any installation required?

No, an iTechworld lithium power station is ready to use right out of the box.

Can I charge and discharge from the power station at the same time?

Yes, an iTechworld power station can charge via solar, 12v or 240v and at the same time can power a 12v or USB appliance. We refer to this as pass through charging.

Can the battery packs in your power stations be replaced when they reach the end of their life?

Yes, we design all of our power stations so that each component can be replaced easily including the battery pack.

Can I use a non iTechworld solar panel to charge the power station?

We always recommend an iTechworld solar panel to go along with an iTechworld power station, this will ensure optimum performance of the system. You can use non iTechworld solar panels provided their specs match up with the power station's charging parameters. Please consult with your power station's user guide or see the details on our website HERE.

Can I connect the power station to my existing DCDC charger?

As all iTechworld lithium power stations already have a DCDC charger inbuilt there is no need to connect it to another DCDC charger.

What is the difference between an iTechworld Lithium Power Station and a battery in a box.

A battery in a battery box was the traditional way to set up a dual battery system. To go along withe the battery and the box you will also need a DCDC charger, AC charger, digital display, solar controller and inverter. All of these things have to be installed (at considerable cost), once installed they are tied to the vehicle. An iTechworld lithium power station takes all the components of a dual battery system and puts it into one light weight, portable and convenient box with no installation required.

Can I replace my small generator with an iTechworld Lithium Power Station.

A larger iTechworld Lithium Power Station such as the iTECH1300P can also take the place of a small generator and will run appliances such as coffee machines, toasters, inductions cook tops and more.

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