How can an iTECH1420CA can increase fuel economy?

Increase fuel economy with an iTECH1420CA

Standard lead-acid batteries are becoming a thing of the past. The iTECH1420CA lithium battery is the future of cranking batteries in Australia. Weighing just 8kg, it can produce triple the amount of cold cranking amps its 30kg lead acid cousin can. The weight saving benefits are apparent, but there are other benefits of having an iTECH1420CA under your bonnet. In this blog, we will look at how an iTECH1420CA can increase fuel economy by up to 8%.

Increase fuel economy with lithium

We all know the vehicle's alternator charges the battery and continues to try to charge the battery while the car is running. If the voltage level of the starting battery does not reach the correct level, the alternator will work extremely hard during your drive. Since the alternator is linked directly to the drive or accessory belt that your engine turns, the added resistance can cause a decrease in fuel economy. The life of the alternator will also be shortened. The iTECH1420CA battery holds its voltage at over 13v at all times taking the strain away from your alternator and increasing fuel economy by up to 8%..


iTECH1420CA Lithium Cranking Battery

Lithium vs lead acid cranking battery

Standard batteries operate around the 12.4v mark; this allows the fuel injectors to add the fuel to the cylinders; if the 12v battery loses voltage, it will not add the fuel to the cylinders, effectively causing more loss in fuel economy. The iTECH1420CA Lithium battery has an operating voltage of 13v+, which increases the efficiency of the fuel injectors. Greate efficiency increases fuel economy.

Lithium compatibility with modern cars

Low voltage batteries will affect the car accessories and provide an additional load on the car's electrical and mechanical system. The iTECH1420CA battery allows the oxygen sensor and other exhaust gas sensors to work flawlessly due to a higher voltage retained. In this event, the computer will accurately gauge whether fuel consumption matches the rate of exhaust produced. With this capability, fuel will not be used needlessly lost through the exhaust.

Lithium Cranking Battery

Upgrading to lithium


If you have noticed your engine hunting or the car seems to run a little rough. This is an indication that the lead-acid battery could be on its way out. You are undoubtedly already familiar with the inconvenience of changing your vehicle's lead-acid battery every 2-3 years. The iTECH1420CA has a life cycle of up to 4 times longer than its lead-acid cousin and will also help your vehicle run better in the long run.

Time for an upgrade?


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