Jade Suzanne Reviews The iTECH300P 25Ah Lithium Portable Power Station



Just as ready for an adventure as you are, the iTECH300P Portable Power Station is perfect for charging phones, GoPro’s, laptops and a 12V Fridge on the go!

The iTECH300P is designed and developed in Australia with a heavy duty ABS polycarbonate case and ergonomic foldable handle that makes it easy to manoeuvre.

Can you believe that inside of this compact power station is a 25Ah Lithium battery! One of the massive benefits of a lithium battery is the ability to access most of the batteries true capacity and this certainly true with the iTECH300P! Thanks to iTechworld’s Australian design team, you can access the full 25Ah out of this lithium battery. In comparison to the antiquated style lead acid batteries where you could only access 50% of its true capacity, making the iTECH300P’s internal 25Ah lithium battery equivalent to a 50Ah lead acid battery.

Now let's talk about charging! There are 3 ways you can charge your iTECH300P up ready for your next adventure. At home via 240V mains when you’re getting ready to go away, in the car via 12V cigarette adapter or through my favourite – solar – for when you’re at camp and in need of some extra recharge!
Plugging the iTECH300P into solar is as easy as 1,2,3.

Grab your solar, I’m using the iTechworld 100 watt solar blanket, plug your solar’s Anderson connector into the solar adapter cable and then you have power! And here’s where it gets clever! The iTECH300P features pass-through charging. Allowing you to charge your iTECH300P and at the same time charge your devices. I find this is super helpful for keeping our Engel fridge charged for longer when coupled with an iTechworld solar blanket.

The useability of the iTECH300P continues with 8 outputs. With 1x AC 240V power output, 2x USB outputs, 1x USB Quick Charge output, 1x USB-C , 2X 5.5mm DC outputs and 1x 12V Carport output! All these outputs allow me to charge my phone, DSLR camera, laptop, GoPro and even keep my fridge cool! Even cooler, the iTECH300P has an inbuilt 300 watt pure sine wave inverter. For those less tech savvy, a pure sine wave inverter perfectly copies the quality of power you would receive at home, but on the road. Allowing you to plug camera chargers, CPAP machines and other small devices into the iTECH300P.

With an iTECH300P in your kit, you can explore further off-grid.