Keeping Your Phone Charged While Travelling

Garry McBride writes
I’m going to be away from a power source while travelling. What can I pack so that I can still use my phone?

iTechworld, replies
You will be lucky to get more than a day’s use out of most smartphones. Their screens and processors eat power, even if you take preventive measures such as switching off the 3G/4G signal.



A good idea is to pack a pre charged Power Bank. The iTECH400A, for example, has a 10000mAh Lithium Ion battery. This is enough power to enable 3 more extra day’s careful smartphone use. It is compatible with devices that charge via a USB – iPhones, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry handsets will be compatible – the other benefit of this device is that it has 400 Cold Cranking Amps which means it can jump start your car if your car battery is flat. You no longer have to carry jumper leads!

If you are looking for something bigger and more powerful, the new iTECH1000A is the one for you, it has a 20000mAh Lithium Ion battery which is almost 5 days worth of extra power. It also has enough power to jump start large diesel engines up to 5L.


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