Outback Mike puts the iTECH PS2000 and 300W Solar Blanket to the test

Outback Mike has reviewed our PS2000 Portable Power Station with our 300W Solar Blanket Kit with Raptor Skin

Check out his review below: 

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Here's a summary of Outback Mike's review:

The video starts with Outback Mike introducing the iTechworld PS2000 Portable Power Station and the 300W folding solar blanket. He mentions his intention to review these products straight out of the box and share his experience with similar equipment used in his outdoor adventures.

Mike discusses the backstory of how he chose iTechworld over other companies, emphasising the importance of the product's specs, such as weight and volume, for his outdoor needs. He unboxes the PS2000, describing its weight (22 kilos) and contents, including an AC charging cable, a solar charging cable, and a cable for car charging.

He then explains the potential uses of the power station, ideal for camping, boating, and providing power for various appliances. Mike gives a tour of the power station, detailing its ports, including AC charging, solar panel input, a DC panel with various outputs, USB ports, and AC outputs. He also talks about the device's interface, showing how to monitor power input and output.

Mike discusses the power station's capacity, explaining that it can release and store 2,000 watts of power, and compares it to a standard car battery to illustrate its efficiency. He also demonstrates how to assess whether the power station can run certain appliances.

The review includes a demonstration of charging the power station via an AC outlet, highlighting its fast charging capability. Mike also tests running an appliance (a soldering iron) off the power station, showing the real-time power usage on the interface.

Next, Mike reviews the 300W solar blanket, describing its features like the built-in supports and the included accessories. He demonstrates setting up the blanket and connecting it to the power station, discussing the importance of positioning for optimal solar charging. Mike notes the effect of cable length on power transmission and the impact of cloud cover on solar charging efficiency.

He then tests charging the power station from a car's cigarette lighter socket and directly from the car battery, comparing the charging speeds. Mike emphasises the convenience of solar panels for charging during outdoor activities.

Finally, Mike shows how the power station fits in his car, discussing its portability and potential uses on his future trips.