Powering a 12v CPAP Machine with an iTECH1000A

Is sleep apnea preventing you from enjoying the great outdoors?

If sleep apnea has been preventing you from sleeping under the stars, we have the perfect solution to let you enjoy the great Australian outdoors by giving you the ability to take your CPAP machine on the road with you.

With 1 in 4 adults in Australia being at risk of developing sleep apnea a CPAP machine is now a necessity. The health benefits of using a CPAP machine are 

  • Longer lifespan – it has been shown than sleep apnea patients on treatment lived longer than sleep apnea patients who were untreated
  • Reduced chance of suffering a stroke or heart attack – sleep apnea treatment reduces the relative risk of cardiovascular events such as stroke and high blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular improvements require optimal therapy and dedicated patient care - a recent study stated that while treating sleep apnea improved patients’ quality of life, it did not decrease their risk of cardiovascular events.The average patient in this study was on sub optimal treatment
  • Help to control type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of having a workplace or motor vehicle accident
  • Help to control depression

CPAP Power Supply

People who are using CPAP machines can often feel trapped at home by the machine as they do not have any means of powering the device when on the road.

iTechworld have developed the multi function iTECH1000A to run 12v CPAP machines for up to 7 hours. The beauty of the iTECH1000A is that it only weighs 600g and takes up about as much space as a mobile phone.

iTECH900A Charging

The iTECH1000A also has many other functions:

  • Jump start the battery of any petrol vehicle
  • Jump start the battery of diesel vehicle up to 5L
  • Charge laptops
  • Charge mobile phones and tablets
  • Run 12v fridges for a few hours
  • Built in bright LED torch
  • Recharges on 12v or mains power.


*Max power draw 8 amps - run times vary depending on amp draw. The device works best when the humidifier on the CPAP machine is switched off. CPAP machine must be 12v. Not all CPAP machines will be compatible, check specifications before ordering.