Ray Cully Upgrades His Camper Trailer to the Complete Lithium 4WD/Caravan Kit

In this exciting video, we follow along as Ray upgrades his camper trailer, Eyeore, to the iTechworld Complete Lithium 4WD/Caravan Kit.

As always, Ray shares his expert tips and insights for getting the most out of your camper trailer upgrade.


Video Transcript:

G'day everyone! Well, with the EOS upgrade all but completed, I've got to say, I was really impressed at how easy the iTechworld gear is to install. Especially the fact that you've got good quality, easy-to-read user manuals. There's also a support blog on their website for tips and tricks on installation and how to use the gear. What I was impressed with is the fact that the equipment itself has really good solid mounting points, and everything that you assemble is all colour-coded, which makes your life really easy. Part of the system is the iTECH120X Pro lithium batteries - not only are they half the weight, but they're producing twice the power of the old AGM system. Next up is the iTECHBC40 charger plug - plug this into the mains, and it's pretty much set and forget. It does all the hard work for you! The unit actually has several key functions built into it, which work in perfect harmony with the lithium batteries to protect your investment and also to make sure you get maximum longevity.

My favourite unit is this little guy - the iTECHDCDC40 charger - it actually hooks up directly to your vehicle and ensures that your lithium batteries receive the exact voltage that they require, irrelevant of what the vehicle's alternator is producing. What I like is that you can select a range of different battery styles depending on what you have installed, and it's also got a priority solar charge button.

Last but not least, the icing on the cake: The 2000-watt iTechworld inverter! This bad boy is going to be able to power all my creature comforts even after we've cooked up a storm. I can easily check what's going in and out of the batteries with the iTechworld battery monitor.

But next week, I'm going to take you out and about and show you the entire system in action!