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Portable Satellite TV

A lot of people these days are getting a subscription to Foxtel. Some of the packages they have available at the moment are as low as $50 a month. With a wide range of channels which give you access to sport and TV shows around the world its becoming more common place than ever.

If you go camping or head off on a trip you still have to pay your Foxtel subscription even when you are not using it. Money wasted, right? Well not necessarily, the iTechworld Easy Base Deluxe Satellite system is everything you need to enjoy Pay TV while you are on a trip.

Simply take your satellite Pay TV set top box from your house and add it to the Easy Base Deluxe Satellite kit. We provide everything you need in the one package to get your Pay TV operational while you are on the road.

If you have a twin tuner Pay TV set top box then simply add a Dual LNB and an extra roll of 20M Cable to the Easy Base Deluxe Kit to gain access to all the features you get in your house.

How can we use our Foxtel box when we are free camping - I hear you cry. Simple. The iTechworld Mini Power inverter is designed to run with any Foxtel or Austar box and lets you plug straight into you cigarette lighter socket in your van!

You really have no excuse to not be taking your pay TV with you on your next trip. Imagine watching the footy or Game of Thrones out in the bush. Perfect.







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