Tay Jane Decks Out Her 200 Series With iTechworld

YouTuber Tay Jane dropped into iTechworld to kit out her 200 Series Landcruiser so she could stay powered up when she is next off grid.

Tay Jane's iTechWorld 12v system consists of:
- 200AH super slim deep cycle lithium battery
- DCDC40 12v/24v 40A DCDC & MPPT battery charger
- 2000W pure sine wave power inverter 12v to 240v AC
- Intelligent on/off remote control for pure sine wave inverter

Check out her video below:


Tay's 200 Series gets an iTechworld upgrade

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Tay Jane's 200 Series Landcruiser build. We're here to spill the beans on how she's amped up her off-road game with the incredible iTechworld lithium battery system. Buckle up and join us for a thrilling ride as we uncover the highlights of Tay Jane's epic build.

While her lucky partner was shredding snow in Japan, Tay Jane was busy making things happen in Perth. She sorted out the 12-volt system from iTechworld and got her hands on a custom drawer system from Splinter 4x4. Let's dive into the action!

Slim and Powerful Batteries

Tay Jane and the crew at iTechworld put their heads together to figure out the perfect 12-volt setup for her Landcruiser. Given the limited space due to the drawers, they decide to go with iTechworld's 200 super slim lithium battery. It's sleek, it's compact, and it's gonna pack a serious punch. Say goodbye to bulky AGM batteries!

Inverters keep your connected

Ever wondered if you can run an inverter off your batteries? Tay Jane had the same question. Thanks to the high discharge capacity and top-notch lithium cells of iTechworld's batteries, Tay Jane can power her 2000watt inverter. That means hair straighteners, hair dryers, and even air fryers can join the off-road party. 

The nifty iTechworld DCDC40

Now, here comes the geeky stuff simplified. The iTechworld DCDC40 allows Tay Jane to charge her battery on the go using the Landcruiser's alternator. No need to worry about running out of juice during her off-road escapades. It's a neat little addition that keeps her power game strong.

Switches and Monitoring

To keep things in check, Tay Jane's build incorporates iTechworld's Intelligent on/off remote control for pure sine wave inverter and . With the battery monitor, she can easily track her power reserves, knowing exactly when to hit the road or power up some extra gadgets. The setup also includes separate charging systems for all her devices, making life on the road a breeze.

Final Touches and Features

As Tay Jane reveals the impressive drawer system, we can't help but get excited. A 60-liter water tank is neatly tucked away, ensuring she has water on tap wherever she goes. Plus, there's an air compressor for quick tire inflation and equipment needs. It's the ultimate off-road convenience package!

Tay Jane's Landcruiser build with iTechworld's lithium battery system is a game-changer. With reliable power, she can stay off grid for longer and power her next adventure.