What is the best lithium battery for a caravan?

Ask any caravanner these days what is the one thing they want on their trip, and the answer usually always relates to power. Power is key to any trip if they wish to run their 12v fridge longer or go entirely off the grid. To meet the ever-increasing power demands of the modern caravanner, we have developed the best lithium battery for a caravan. Capable of powering your entire rig with ease, the iTECH120X is the battery of tomorrow today.

iTECH120X charging

Lithium caravan battery performance vs AGM

The iTECH120X lithium battery vastly outperforms the now antiquated battery technology of AGM, Lead Acid and Gel batteries. For instance, take AGM batteries; they are cumbersome, weighing around 35kg+ each for a 105Ah battery. Caravans commonly use two AGM lead acid batteries, which is a whopping 70kg+ of unnecessary weight. In stark contrast, the iTECH120X weighs under 10kg for a 120Ah battery. You could replace 70kg of AGM batteries with only 10 kilograms of iTECH120X lithium, saving almost 60 kilograms.

Best lithium batteries for a caravan

How much usable power do I have with an iTECH120X?

Usable power levels also increases with the new iTECH120X. You can now use 90% of the power stored in the battery. AGM batteries can only use around 50% of their rating. For example, a 100AH AGM battery would only give you 50AH of power before you would need to recharge it. If you need more power, you can connect more iTECH120X in parallel to increase your battery capacity. iTECH120X lithium batteries have enough power to run kitchen appliances via an inverter.

lithium 12v battery

What is the lifespan of lithium deep cycle batteries?

The lifespan of a battery is also critical. We want our lithium batteries to provide years of service and trouble-free operation while you enjoy your holidays and relax around the campfire. We are at the forefront of lithium technology and take full advantage of the latest advancements in Battery Management System design. A typical lead-acid battery will achieve approximately 500 cycles, whereas an iTECH120X battery will cycle up to 4-5 times more than the old-fashioned AGM batteries.

Lithium deep cycle battery in camper trailer

Lithium batteries for outdoors

The iTECH120X is entirely water and dust sealed with an IP67 rating. You can place an iTECH120X under the bonnet, on the chassis rails under your ute tray or in any storage box in your caravan.

iTechworld lithium batteries are waterproof


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