What Power Station Do I Need for My CPAP Machine?

Sleep apnoea is an issue which affects an estimated 8.7% of adults in Australia. With the use of a CPAP machine, the right amount of air pressure is pumped through a mask to keep your airways open to prevent snoring and sleep interruptions.

However, relying on a CPAP machine means relying on a power source. In the past, you might have been tethered to a powered campsite to keep your CPAP running – not ideal if you want to get off the beaten track for the weekend or do a longer road trip where powered sites may not be available.

Thankfully, iTechworld’s Power Stations can power your CPAP machine anytime, anywhere – giving you total freedom.


Portable power for CPAP machines

Using a CPAP machine on the go with an iTechworld Power Station couldn’t be easier. Our range of reliable portable power stations have 240V and 12V outputs, which means you can plug in and set your CPAP machine just the same as you would at home.

For the purposes of this blog, we have created a comparison of how our power stations would perform using the 240V output with the most common CPAP machine on the market, ResMed.

The ResMed machine draws an average of 3 amps of power, resulting in the following run times:

iTechworld Power Station 


Run Time (hours, rounded down) 

Nights of sleep (allowing ~7 hours)*
















*Indication only. Assumes power station is solely used for CPAP and as per parameters above. Always check your CPAP device’s specific power requirements to estimate your individual needs.

Consider upsizing your power source 

For something as essential as running your CPAP in a remote set up, it’s better to have more power in reserve than you think you need.

Consider your overall power consumption - how many devices do you need to run? Are you powering a fridge, charging phones, running a cheeky coffee machine...?

Even just for a night or two away, you may want to go for the larger capacity option to make sure you (and all your electronics) are covered on the go.

More power, less worry about running your CPAP

Your machine may perform differently once road testedThe table above offers you an idea of the minimum capacity of these batteries to help determine which is suited for your needs. However, your CPAP device and power station may perform differently once road tested

For example, this review from James S. regarding the iTECH300 shows that he can use it alongside several devices and still have battery left over. Not bad for the ‘little brother’ of the range!



Which is better for CPAP: Portable Power Station, or Inverter Generator?

Many people may think of inverter generators as tried-and-true mobile power sources. They are very reliable – if you have sufficient petrol, you’ll have power – but a portable power station can be more convenient. Depending on your camping set up, it can be safer too.

Inverter generators are more fuel efficient, quiet and clean than their traditional counterparts. They can also run continuously provided they have sufficient fuel.

An inverter generator is the new generation, better version of old school fuel generators. They are brilliant for outdoor use. However, due to toxic emissions from the internal combustion engine, you must not run an inverter generator indoors or in an enclosed area.

Portable power stations can be operated indoors safely as they do not have any emissions. You can have the device right by your bed and plug your CPAP in easily for a restful night’s sleep in your campervan, caravan, or tent.

Pros of a portable power station:

  • Clean lithium-ion energy
  • Compact portability
  • Rechargeable with several power options (12V, wall charging, solar)
  • Quiet operation
  • Pass through charging (charge and power devices at the same time)

Looking for more tech specs? We have previously taken a more in-depth look at the key differences of power stations vs inverter generators, including information to help you determine which power solution is right for your needs.

Product spotlight: PS2000 Lithium Power Station

Rated as the best overall power station in Australia by Finder.com in their 2024 round up!

The PS2000 Portable Lithium Power Station is a reliable travel companion to run your CPAP machine all night, and over multiple nights, without fail. This quiet, unobtrusive battery packs a punch when it comes to power.

Key features and benefits of the PS2000:

  • High Battery Capacity: 2000W, 160Ah (2048Wh) energy storage for powering larger appliances and equipment.
  • Versatile Outputs: Includes AC outlets, USB ports (USB-C, USB A, USB A QC), DC and 12V ports.
  • Fast Charging: Rapid recharge up to 80% in just one hour, making it ideal for last-minute or emergency power needs.
  • Built-in UPS: Ensures uninterrupted power supply that will switch from your 240v mains to the battery within 10ms (milliseconds) of a power outage.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 22kg with easy carry built in handles.
  • Safety Features: Advanced battery protection system that includes over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection.
  • Informative Display: For easy monitoring of usage data in real time.
  • Full 24-month warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with an exclusive 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

A chargeable battery for CPAP machines

You’ll have no problem keeping an iTechworld portable power station charged to run your CPAP (and therefore keeping your rest undisturbed).

iTechworld’s power station range has 5 ways to charge so you’re never left in the lurch when it comes to topping up.

  1. Solar power - we recommend pairing with an iTechworld solar blanket for maximum efficiency
  2. 12V AC car port charging
  3. 240V AC wall charging
  4. Generator
  5. Additional battery

Having rechargeable power by your side enables complete off-grid reliability and independence – not to mention peace of mind.

Quality, reliability and peace of mind with iTechworld power stations

Whether you only need your CPAP machine for one night or nights on end, iTechworld have your sleep solution sorted with our range of power stations.

Rest easy knowing you can travel with freedom and get a good night’s sleep wherever your adventures take you – as it should be.

If you’re still unsure about which power station is best for running your CPAP machine off grid, contact our team today by sending us a message or calling on 08 9472 7200. You can also drop in to our Perth store at 291 Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, WA 6100.