XploringOz tests and reviews the iTECH120X PRO

XploringOz posted a year review on the iTECH120X PRO. He goes over how he used the battery, the physical condition after a year's use, a capacity test and more.

Check out his review below: 


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Here's a summary of XploringOz's review:


In this comprehensive review, XploringOz provides detailed insights into the performance of his iTECH120X PRO lithium battery over 12 months of extensive use while traveling across various terrains in Australia. He highlights the battery's ability to power essential equipment like a fridge, oven, lighting, and inverters, even in challenging conditions such as high temperatures and rough terrain.

XploringOz discusses his rigorous testing methods, including capacity testing and physical inspection, to evaluate the battery's condition and performance. Despite subjecting the battery to demanding conditions, such as extreme heat and long driving days, he notes its impressive durability and consistent power output.

Furthermore, XploringOz addresses specific issues encountered, such as occasional shutdowns, which he attributes to the battery's internal temperature management system. He discusses potential reasons for these shutdowns, such as overheating, and shares his observations on the battery's recovery and performance afterward.

Throughout the review, XploringOz emphasises the battery's resilience, capacity retention, and suitability for under-bonnet applications. He also compares its performance to traditional AGM batteries, highlighting the advantages of lithium technology in terms of weight, size, and power capabilities.

Overall, XploringOz concludes that the iTECH120X PRO lithium battery has exceeded expectations and offers excellent value for money, especially for traveler's requiring reliable power management solutions in demanding environments.

XploringOz's review is unsponsored, ensuring an unbiased and transparent evaluation of the iTECH120X PRO lithium battery's strengths and areas for improvement.