iTECHBM500 500 Amp Battery Monitor with Shunt

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500Amp Battery Monitor with Shunt.

The iTECHBM500 is a sophisticated high precision battery monitor that captures integrated values in real-time. The iTECHBM500 utilises 500A current shunt, the iTECHBM500 measures the discharge/recharge currents and calculates the Ampere-hours (Ah) going in and out of the battery. High-precision voltage measurements are taken and displayed in real time for lithium, lithium ion, AGM, GEL, lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride batteries.


+ Digital LCD display
+ Size: approx. 59mm diameter
+ Cable Length: 8m
+ Standby current: 0.6mA
+ Battery percentage indicator
+ Battery voltage indicator
+ Voltage Range: 8-80V
+ Reverse polarity protection
+ PVC screen protector, waterproof surface
+ Suitable for lead-acid 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
+ Suitable for iTechworld lithium batteries
+ Easy to use and install


1 x iTECHBM500 Battery Monitor
+ 1 x Shielded wire (8m)
+ 1 x 500 Amp Shunt
+ 1 x Plastic bracket
+ 1 x Butterfly nut
+ 1 x Mounting bracket
+ 1 x B+ Sense wire 22AWG (1m)
+ 1 x Instructions

iTECHBM500 Wiring Diagram HERE

Download the user guide HERE

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