Planning a big lap of Australia anytime soon?

Allowing you to charge virtually all appliances and devices on the road, iTechworld has changed the game for long car journeys with its Pro Solar Generator Kit, which comprises the iTECH1300P, a 200-watt solar blanket and a solar adaptor.

With the ability to power microwaves, fridges, laptops, camera gear and everything in between, iTechworld power expert Dylan Urquhart said the Pro Solar Generator Kit housed the tools necessary to keep you offgrid for longer.

“The iTECH1300P is well equipped to power appliances such as kettles, induction cooktops and microwaves,” he said. “It has a 1300W pure sine wave inverter and a 100 ampere-hour lithium battery. You can plug in devices, such as a 12-volt fridge, with ease through a variety of outputs.

“It also has a feature called pass-through charging, which means you can use it while it charges.”

Take to the rumbling roads knowing the iTECH1300P is the safest portable lithium power station in the world today – the battery management system provides overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection and overtemperature protection.

“You can keep it in storage for up to six months, so it can sit idle and be ready for action,” Mr Urquhart said. “The LCD display provides all the information you need to get the battery level status, output and input levels, and more.

Know you can enjoy the serene ambience of the great outdoors thanks to the iTECH1300P’s quiet, clean and efficient design bidding farewell to the noisy disposition of traditional generators.

Connecting to the iTECH1300P via the included adaptor, Mr Urquhart said the 200W Solar Blanket Kit with Raptor Skin was a great backup power source for campers to utilise, so they could continue cooking and using electrical devices once the sun went down.

“The solar blanket is the perfect device to top up a four-wheel drive or a caravan’s storage batteries when parked up at a campsite or in full sun during the day, as it connects directly to the existing 12V setup via an Anderson cable,” he said.

“The ethylene tetrafluoroethylene Raptor Skin coating is ultraviolet resistant, antireflective and non-stick, protecting the solar cells from scratches and chips – perfect for the rough Australian terrain.”

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