900 Amp Jump Starter

900 Cold Cranking Amps Jump Starter Battery Pack

An iTechworld Jump Starter battery pack is an incredibly useful tool for those terrible situations when you turn the ignition key and nothing happens due to a flat battery. Whether the battery is on its way out, or even if the problem is as simple as the lights being left on in the car, the iTechworld Jump Starter will get you out of trouble.

Most Jump Starter packs of this style that are available in Australia can only produce around 400 amps, the iTECH900A produces a whopping 900 Amps! We have yet to find a car it will not start!



As if that wasn't enough the iTECH900A is also a 20ah Lithium-ion battery. Meaning you can run devices directly from the unit. To make it easier we have even supplied fittings in the package so that you can run your 12v fridge, 12v TV, 12v LED lights, any laptop, phone, tablet, camera you name it! It has two USB ports and even has a torch built into it.

It only weighs 625g, isn't much bigger than a smart phone and can be easily stored in your glove box.

One of our mantras here at iTechworld is to supply old fashioned customer service. We thought how can we make this product better? So we decided to go above and beyond normal retail Australian practice. We have insured this product with Allianz insurance covering up to 2 million Dollars. No other jump starter company that we know of in the world can cover the jump starters with insurance like we do. So we have literally put our money were our mouth is.

Check out a live demonstration on the 900a Jump Starter filmed on Facebook.


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Monika Rothwell#1

Hi, saw the article in the Sunday Times, I have that car fridge used in pic, I’m thinking that the next model up of your portable jump starter might keep my fridge running better o/nite than the 400. What’s your recommendation on this?


Hi Monika,

Thanks for getting in touch.
Yes, the ITECH900a is the best one for fridges.

Best regards

Colin Dalton#3

HI Ian, just wondering what the recharge time is for the ITECH900A from flat or partially run down?


Hi Colin,

Thanks for getting in touch.
It will take approx. 5 hours to charge from flat to full.

Kind regards


Hi Guys,
How much would one of these set me back?


Hi Lee,

You can gran an iTECH900A for $249 with free shipping from our website.

Kind regards


Replacement batteries availability??

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