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Power experts iTechworld have been manufacturing Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generators for the best part of a decade they have now developed a fuel injected model that is capable of handling large power items that use anything up to 3300 Watts. This load testing and measurement is conducted in Perth WA, the Inverter Generators are tested on compressors, angle grinders, caravan air conditioners and much more.

 ITechworld have specifically designed a 4.8KVA Inverter Generator to handle the harsh Australian conditions. Its primary function is to run large power items with ease. To achieve this the iTechworld 4.8KVA Inverter Generator comes fully fitted with a state of the art computerised pure sine wave inverter board, this means you get commercial grade electricity directly from the inverter generator. This is the safest and smartest way to use you’re 240v equipment and power tools. 

As with all their products iTechworld have loaded many quality features into their 4.8KVA Inverter Generator. It has an easy key start system, meaning you don’t have to pull a rope in the blistering heat to get it started. You just turn the key. It has 2x 15 Amp 240v AC outlets. There is also a digital LCD screen to let you know how much power you are using at any given time. This superior machine also features a new built in trolley system to ensure that you can move it from point A to point B with ease! Itechworld even include a 12v battery charging kit absolutely free, this enables you to charge 12v batteries as well.


The iTechworld 4.8KVA Inverter Generator has a state of the art electronic Fuel Injection system. Unlike some other inverter generators on the market which have issues restarting after long periods of being idle the iTechworld 4.8KVA Inverter Generator negates any carburetor issues thanks to its advanced Electronic Fuel Injection system. This innovative system increases fuel efficiency. So, not only is it one of the most up to date Inverter Generators on the Australian market today it will also help your back pocket as the fuel tanks last longer.


Unlike many noisy generators, the iTechworld 4.8KVA Inverter Generator uses an innovative muffler system for low noise operation of between 50dB and 57dB, making it the one of the quietest inverter generators in its class.

Weighing in at just 33kg and measuring 570mm long, 280mm wide and 490mm high, it is a truly portable power station.


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